Ahmet Fatih TAMAY

Independent Member of the Board of Directors

He was born in 1957 in Istanbul. He graduated from ITU Istanbul Technical  University in 1980 after he had studied the major of Aircraft Engineering in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. He started his career as a Purchasing Engineer in Anadolu Automotive Industry in 1980, and took a break  from private sector to serve his military service in 1982 as an R&D Engineer at Kayseri Air Supply Facilities within the Turkish Air Force. Following this duty, he started to work as the Purchasing Chief in the Isuzu Project at Anadolu Isuzu, the first Turkish Japanese Joint Venture initiative in Turkey, and then took part in the First Isuzu Truck and Bus Production and Localization projects. Following this tasks, he worked as Project Leader in SAP ERP System preparation and implementation. And he assigned as Production Planning and Stock Control Manager in the same company. Following this task and project, he worked as Purchasing Manager in the projects of Production Increase, Supplier Improvement and Transition to Export.  In the same period he also served as the Purchasing Committee Presidency in the OSD Automotive Industry Association,  and have taken on important assignments in the realization of OSD Supplier Quality Development and OSD Supplier Success Award projects. At the beginning of 2001, with the beginning of the economic crisis, he was appointed as Sales Manager responsible for Sales, Service and Spare Parts in the new restructuring of the company and carried out the projects of Restructuring of the Dealer and Service Network, Increase of Exports, Establishment of Domestic and Overseas Service Network. In the same period, he also carried out the Presidency of the Marketing Committee within OSD. Following this assignment, he was appointed to the position of Sales and Marketing Director in 2006 and he used to be in charge of Sales, Marketing, Export , Service and Spare Parts Operations. In addition to this missions he used to be an Acting General  Manager in 2012-13. 
He used to work in Board of Directors , Auditing Comitee , Corporate Governance Comitee and Risk Comitee until he retired. He received Coaching and Mentorship training and served as a mentor in the New Generation Family Members and High-level Manager development within Anadolu Group.  Due to the assignments and projects he has participated in various exhibitions, conferences, congress, trainings, etc. in various countries, especially in Japan , Thailand , Germany etc. He has been elected to the Istanbul Chamber of Industry in 2013 and has been serving as a member of ISO Automotive Supplliers Industry Committee, Member of TOBB Automotive Assembly and Member of ITO Transportation Specialization Committee. In addition to these roles, he has been elected to the Board of Directors of the IPRU International Passanger Road Transportation Union, the first International Organization established by the decision of the Council of Ministers in Turkey since September 2015, and has been elected to TOBB Highway Passenger Transport Assembly Member and still serving at these posts. A.Fatih Tamay will be participating in various congresses, panels and conferences in the fields of Automotive, Management, Sales and Marketing , Production Planning , Supply Chain Management , Corporate Governance at Family Companies and as a panelist or speaker and share his experiences as a Member of Board of Directors and Executive Boards of different companies. In addition he is mentoring some students at Sabancı University Executive MBA and he is a member of İSOV Istanbul Chamber of Industry Education Foundation and TOSÖV  Turkey Bus Federation Education Foundation.  A. Fatih Tamay is a member of TKYD Corporate Governance Association of Turkey and Corporate Governance in Family Companies Comittee in ISO Istanbul Chamber of Industry , married , has one child and speaks English.