labor health and work safety policy

human resources

Ditaş A.Ş.’s targets are protection against injuries caused by work accidents and health deterioration, zero work accidents and zero occupational diseases, by creating safe work areas within the enterprise borders and by developing the occupational safety culture.

Within the scope of its legal responsibilities, Ditaş aims the achievement of its targets such as

- Fulfilling all its legal and other obligations concerning labor health and work safety,

- Adopting the principle that the labor health and work safety improvement activities are under the collective responsibility of all employees,

- Reducing the risk level,

- Sustainable “zero work accident” by the continuous improvement of the labor health and work safety culture.

Ditaş A.Ş. is not perceiving the labor health and work safety only as a legal obligation. In our Company, the labor health and work safety is perceived also as an indicator of the value accorded to and the respect shown  for the employees.

The Ditaş A.Ş. management whose target is to create a corporate culture by prioritizing the labor health and work safety, is also aiming to create a health work climate and to increase the employee motivation by meeting their safety needs. In fact, it is an undeniable reality that positive motivation would increase the company productivity and efficiency. Our duty as management, is to organize various culture internalization oriented educational events for our personnel at any work level in order to contribute to the employees’ success.

We are fully confident that we will be able to achieve easily our goal with the Ditaş A.Ş. management who support generously our efforts on this issue and emphasize the importance of the workers’ health and safety and also with our employees who take into consideration all our warnings and proceed to overcome urgently the mistakes and shortages.

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