The Research and Development Studies

The DITAŞ Engineering Department, having completed its its solid technical structuring which would take it to the future, achieved its Research and Development Center target, one of the main company targets in 2017, on the date of July 20th 2017. It won the right to become the 571st Research and Development Center of our country, by having fulfilled all the Research and Development Center requirements set by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology according to the provisions of Law Nr. 5746. This success will create the basis of the radical and sustainable main strategy of the company defined as "Becoming a Part and the Solution Partner of the Transportation Industry" and will carry our company to the future. 

As DİTAŞ Research and Development Center, first of all we have consolidated out human resources infrastructure and have settled our organization. There are 22 researchers, 14 technicians and 4 support personnel working in the Research and Development Center at the moment. According to the Professional classification these are 14 Mechanical engineers, 2 Metallurgical engineers, 3 Industrial engineers, 1 Electronic engineer.  There are 7 persons from the other departments and 13 personnel from the Professional High School. In this way, the organization chart was set by focusing the Research and Development Center activities on 5 main groups suitable to the human resources structure. If we are to summarize these groups, they would be the New Technology and Product Development Team which will shape the future of our company; the Product Development Team with whom we work on the existing products; the Design Verification Team who verifies the products developed by the previous two teams and who has also a Test Center and a Laboratory; the Method Engineering and Prototyping Team who has a critical importance for the actualization of the products and their efficiently incorporation in the production program; and the Project Management and Coordination Team responsible for the sustainability managements of these works. The Project Management Team is also handling the Patent and Incentive issues and the Cost studies. The Research and Development Center has at its disposition a physical area of 1.172 square meters. This area is organized as Work Offices, Test Center, Laboratory and Prototype Workshop.

Among the DITAS Research and Development Center work topics , we gave priority to 4 main sectors and 4 topic titles. The sectors are Automotive, Railway Systems, Agricultural Industry and Aeronautics- Defense. We continue to work with the main industry companies which are the sector leaders in the new projects as their single supplier at global level. The innovative studies which we submit to our solution partner companies as DITAS Research and Development, with our rapid and flexible infrastructure, are forming 4 groups; the target of first topic "New Product Studies" is to increase our product diversity by adding innovative products to our range and foreseeing the new trends through benchmarking. The second work topic defined as "Increase of the Production Efficiency" includes the Industry 4.0 works and the automation systems personalized by the innovative designs in the production equipment. Our third topic "Materials Research" was dedicated to our indispensably high raw material consumption and we focused in the Weight Reduction studies, which is one of the basic targets of the main industry. As the fourth topic we defined  "Analysis and Simulation", which is crucial for our fast decision making regarding design verification and, consequently, we have consolidated our computer supported analysis infrastructure according to our product range.