protection of personal data


Data Supervisor     : Ditaş Doğan Yedek Parça ve İmalat A.Ş. Kayseri Yolu 3.Km, 51100 Niğde

As  Ditaş Doğan Yedek Parça ve İmalat A.Ş. , we  adopt  a sensitive approach concerning  the safety and processing of the personal data in our possession, belonging to all the persons related to our Company including our customers and employees, doing this within the frame of the concerned regulations in force, complying mainly with the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey and the provisions of the international agreements, which our country is a party of, as well as the provisions of the Law for the Protection of Personal  Data (“LPPD”) Nr. 6698.

As the Data Supervisor within the LPPD scope, I would like to  enlighten you on this issue.

The personal data that you share with our Company  in the quality of its customer, supplier or employee,  will be processed, shared with the third persons in the country and abroad and will be stored moderately, depending on our activity and service  purposes and  in compliance with the LPPD provisions.

The purpose of Processing your Personal Data

Your personal data will be processed ;

1.      In the manner foreseen  by the Law and the honesty rule,         

2.      Limitedly and moderately, depending on the purpose of processing, 

3.      Correctly and up- to- date,

4.      For clearly defined and legal purposes. 

As Data Supervisor, I would like to mention that your personal data will be processed  for purposes such as the development and diversification of our quality, which we have not compromised for years, and also the execution of our necessary quality and standard audits or the fulfillment of our reporting and other obligations required  by the laws and regulations which we are subject to.

Our employees’ data will be processed by our Company or by the real or corporate persons who are collaborating with or are authorized by our Company, in line with the provisions of the Labor Law and the obligations imposed by the social security legislation  and other legislation in force, according to our human resources policy or for operational reasons such as increasing the performance and employee satisfaction level and providing occupational safety and labor peace.

The Transfer of your Personal Data

Your personal data will be sharable within the frame of the above mentioned purposes, in compliance with the LPPD and the legislation in force, with our Group companies and, our business partners, business connections, performance supporters and subcontractors, but not limited to the mentioned ones, depending on the services provided with them, or will also be transferable within the country or abroad under the circumstances stipulated by legislation concerning the regulating controlling institutions and official authorities.

The Method and Legal Reason of Collecting your Personal Data

Your personal data can be collected  in writing or electronically, according to  and within the scope of the above mentioned purpose .

Your personal data is collected verbally, in writing or electronically by our Company or the real or corporate persons who process data on behalf of our company, but not limited to the mentioned ones, by means of the written or verbal communication, etc.  channels kept with our Company using instruments such as various agreements, electronic mail, application forms ,.

Your Rights as Possessor of Personal Data

Provided that everything is kept within the frame of the LPPD and other legislation in force, you have the right :

i) To find out if your data has been processed or not, 

ii) In case your personal data has been processed, to request  information on this issue,

iii) To learn the purpose of the personal data processing and if the they were used  according to this purpose,

iv) To know the third persons to whom your personal data has been transferred in the country or abroad,

v) In case your personal data was short or erroneously processed, to request their correction,                           

vi) To request the deletion or destruction of your personal data within the frame of the conditions foreseen by the LPPD provisions,

vii) In case  you requested the missing or incorrect personal data to be corrected or your personal data to be deleted or destroyed,  to request that the third persons to whom  they had been transferred are informed about this situation,                                      

viii) To raise an objection when the analysis of the processed data  is made exclusively by automatic systems and leads to results unfavorable for you,               

ix)     In case you encounter losses due to the the illegal processing of your personal data, to request the compensation of such losses,.

You can submit us your request for the implementation of these rights in writing or, in case another method is indicated by the Personal Data Protection Council, in a way compliant with this method.          

You can send your written request carrying your wet signature to the address  Kayseri Yolu 3.Km, 51100, Niğde or to our registered electronic mail address , undersigned with your safe electronic signature.

In the application which you will make as possessor of personal data for using your above mentioned rights and which will contain  the explanations  concerning the right you request to be used; the requested issue should be clear and comprehensible, the request subject  should concern yourself or, if you act on behalf of someone else, you should be specially authorized on this issue and should document your authorization, the application should also contain your identity and address information and the documents authenticating your identity should be attached to application.